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Developed in partnership with Forbo, Floorink presents a dramatic and bespoke opportunity to create one off flooring designs. Combining unique state-of-the-art digital printing capabilities with a durable, commercial grade vinyl, Floorink offers designers free reign to flex their creative muscles.

Floorink is a pioneering new way to bring your floors to life; combining the endless design possibilities of digital printing with a hard wearing contract vinyl product, with all the usual features you'd expect from a Forbo floor, such as a 10 year wear layer guarantee and non-slip properties to make it unique in the market. Floorink is available in 2m and 4m widths which can be fitted together so your image fills the whole floor area.

Perfect for any flooring project, whether it be in a residential or commercial environment, you'll bring a completely new dimension to your space.

Floorink offers unlimited possibilities for specifiers, contractors and designers looking for something different, to create unique and inspiring flooring designs using illustrations, high-resolution photography, maps or abstract designs. Your own photographs, designs or branding can be used to create your printed to order vinyl cushion floor, to fit any size floor space. If you have an idea but don't have a suitable image, the Printed Space team will source one for you, or choose a design or mapping data from their licensed image bank.

Imagine opening the door to a room and you're actually looking out over the clouds above the Atlantic, standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon, stepping out over a city, walking on the moon, following footsteps on a remote beach, about to cross a dangerous swing bridge, crossing a coral reef...

Wherever your imagination can take you we can bring it to life. Nobody does flooring like us – we have developed a high resolution printing process which means we can print pin-sharp images on cushion flooring.

It's warm, comfortable and guaranteed for 10 years.

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