We make all our own frames here in the gallery. Every one is custom made for each printed canvas to make your art looks it's best.

We have taken special care in selecting the best wood and shaping it to avoid any damage to the canvas.

      All frames are hand made to the customer's specification.

      We buy the raw material and then select only the best part of the wood.

      We then cut and shape the frames.

      Only then is the wood ready to make your hand-made bespoke frame.

We believe in having total control of buying and manufacturing our frames. We can thus ensure a top quality product and workmanship. It also allows for quick turnaround time as we do not have to rely on any other suppliers for stretcher bars, especially if your canvas is not an industry standard size.

Standard frame thickness is 43mm. But if you require a thicker or even a thinner frame these can be made for you.

Printed Space: Frame Examples Printed Space: Frame Examples

Frames are chamfered to avoid contact with the back of the canvas avoiding wear lines on the front, which tend to happen with cheaper boxed frames.

Printed Space: Frame Examples Printed Space: Frame Examples

Your canvas is then stretched around the frame by one of our operators using the most up-to-date canvas wrapping machines in the business, where your frame is stretched at a minimum of 80 PSI or 4.8 BAR giving you the tautest of finishes.

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