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A chance phone call started a chain of events which evolved into a brand new product for the aviation industry. For a long time now, (well ever since aircraft have been in the air really), the interiors have been pretty bland mainly owing to the strict safety rules and regulations which govern the industry for individual aircraft. The aforementioned phone call came from the General Manager of, a budget airline flying out of Leeds/Bradford, Manchester and Blackpool airports.

In conversation it was explained that we were recommended to them by one of our suppliers and that they were looking for a company that was willing to work with them producing samples with regard to passing the burn tests which are so stringent. We agreed, even though we were quite sceptical whether the final product would pass the tests.

Through trial and error however, we actually came very close with one particular product and it only needed a few tweaks to finally pass the “burn” test. It was great news for all concerned when eventually the product was approved!

The first images were then decided upon and produced and have been fitted throughout the 757 fleet. Furthermore, we have now produced images for behind the toilet doors in all the 737 fleet! A total of 21 aircraft with 3 toilets each! There was a lot of thought behind these images as they had to be just over two metres high by only half a metre wide so not just any image would do. Trickier than one would think! As a result, we have now called this product – Plane Paper!

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