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Magnetic wallpaper adds an extra dimension to wallcoverings.

Imagine being able to have your favourite image printed onto wallpaper then being able to utilise it by sticking magnets to it! Well, now you can by simply applying our magnet receptive liner to your wall first. The liner has a self adhesive backing, and comes in widths of 62cm for domestic walls or 100cm for commercial installations. It will stick to most surfaces, but we can send you a small sample to test your walls suitability before ordering.

Any of our printed wallpapers can then be fitted on top of the magnet receptive liner, alternatively you can apply any standard wallpaper over it too. Any image or design can be used for the printed mural; ideal for schools, colleges, nurserys and children's bedrooms and playrooms; where the wallpaper can be made to be interactive and educational too!
Our most popular images for magnetic wallpaper are world maps and A-Z street maps - a favourite for Estate Agent's walls.

Magnets : Most standard strengths magnets will work, however a stronger magnet may be needed if the you choose one of our thicker laminated wallpapers, or a wallcovering with a texture to it.
You can buy one of our matching magnet packs to go with a World Map or London A-Z street map mural, or we can supply plain white magnet sheets so you can cut your own magnet shapes out. We can also supply bespoke printed or shaped magnets to match your wallpaper.

Self adhesive magentic receptive liner
364cms wide x 250cms high (142" wide x 98" high)
Price: £200 (ex Vat) worldwide delivery available

Also works well with our World Map set size wallpapers here

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